11.1 The Company processes all transactions through the Secure online payment system to ensure the protection of data. Billing information filled out by the Customer is not saved or withheld by the Company in any manner. Customers are encouraged by the Company to keep their personal billing information confidential.

11.2 Acquired details are not shared with any third party, and are only used by the Company in the following scenarios:

  • to improve the outlay of the Service;
  • to respond to any requests, questions or complaints;
  • To make awareness to the Customer about significant changes and alterations to the Service.
  • To provide services according to expectations of the Customer.

In case the customer has an Order in progress, the Support Team will contact them by E-mail or Phone to facilitate the delivery of the Order.

Sale, distribution or disclosure of Customers’ information will not be done by the Company without their consent unless legal situations are in play such as complying with a subpoena.

11.3 Information which is directly available to the Company’s freelancers is not the Company’s responsibility and the Company exercise control over it or give any assurances over its future distribution.

11.4 Information provided to the Company is stored on Secure Servers, and the Customer has a duty of keeping their login credentials confidential.

Money Back Guarantee allows the Customer to request for compensation in cases which are explained below.

For those Customers’ requests that do not fit into any category, they can contact the Support Team to explain the nature of the request and await further deliberation.

These Terms and Conditions constitute a binding agreement between custompaperhub.com, the Company, and any individual who becomes a Customer of the Company. When any individual becomes a Customer of the Company, s/he agrees to be automatically bound by this Terms and Conditions Agreement.

Money Back Guarantee

Refund Processing

If the Customer receives a refund confirmation, the Company will, within five days from the confirmation date, process the refund. It is worth noting that the Company cannot be held responsible for any Bank Transfer fees, peculiarities of transfer, and possible delays occurring due to Bank service issues.

The processing fee is $10(Ten), or more and small transactions will not be processed since it can’t cover the transaction fees for the Company and the Customer’s Bank. In this instance, the Customer will have the amount back as their Credit Balance to use as payment for future orders.

Poor Quality Claims
In the event that a Customer would like to get compensation due to unsatisfactory products, the Quality Assurance Team will conduct an investigation. The Customer is required to hand in detailed feedback that shows the disparity between the Order requirements and the Product. The resolution will be influenced by the outcome of the investigation.

Note: Compensation will not exceed 70% in a situation where a not so solid claim is filed, and the Order had undergone Revision; since revision as a process entails reviewing, editing and rectifying s product, which can’t be done in the absence of the Customer’s input.

  • Cases that rely on bad grades as reasons for compensation are invalid given that the Company creates the paper for reference purposes only and not submission.
  • A “Turnitin.com” report is required if the claim holds that the paper is unoriginal. No other reports will be accepted for an investigation to be conducted by the Quality Assurance Team.
  • If the compensation is requested for Editing, Proofreading or Formatting Order, the investigation will not be conducted if an unsubstantial claim is contextual. Editing, proofreading and formatting services do not presuppose input to the original context

The Customer needs to contact the Support Team within two months after completion of the Order for a compensation request.

The representative at the Billing Department will handle the review in 5 days, after which they will contact the Customer over phone or E-mail, to deliver a resolution.

The representative has the right to request any additional details that may facilitate accurate processing of the claim.

Order Details/ Preferences

1. Any Purchased Order Preferences are non-refundable and cannot be separated from the initial product or service provided. ‘Draft’, ‘1-Page summary’ and ‘Plagiarism report’ features are the only exceptions if they are not provided to the Customer along with the product.

2. A Customer is at liberty of selecting the Writer he/she wants. This occurs when the Customer indicates the writer’s ID in the ‘Preferred Writer ID’ field on the order form. However, by doing so, the Customer acknowledges that there is no 100% guarantee of the Writer’s availability. In this case, the Company reserves the right to assign the best available Writer in the field of the Order, matching the preferred Writer’s performance level. The Cost of the Preferred Writer feature can only be funded back to Customer’s Credit Balance and is non-refundable.

3. A non-applied discount cannot be compensated in any way. The Customer is entirely responsible for tracking the accuracy of all Order Details, including the “Discount” field. To follow up on the availability of the discount and related issues, the Customer may contact the Support Team.

Late Delivery

The Customer is entitled to a Time Delivery Difference Compensation in the event of delayed delivery of a product. This compensation is calculated depending on the situation at hand and is influenced by the initial deadline and time of delay.

The amount of compensation equals to 7% for long-term Orders, which fall above 14 days.

The following hinder the provision of compensation for the delay:

  • The inability to receive the product on time due to technical hitches of the Customer’s Internet Provider, Browser or any system malfunctions.
  • The delay is a result of the Customer’s actions, which may range from a delay in the provision of necessary sources of information required to a delay in payment.
  • The Customer extended the deadline of the Order at his/her own will at no further costs.
Order Cancellation

The following rules apply if a Customer opts to cancel an Order:

  • In the event that the Customer cancels an Order when no Writer is assigned, the Customer is entitled to 100% compensation.
  • The amount of compensation when a Writer is already assigned is 70%. The remaining amount covers the Writer’s and Company’s efforts in processing the Order.
  • The Customer is entitled to 50% compensation if the Writer is assigned an Order and half the deadline has elapsed.

*The Company reserves Copyrights and this restricts the Customer to use any Products or drafts provided to them before cancellation of an Order.

Terms & Conditions

1. Clarification of the terms

1.1 Agreement alludes to Terms and Conditions.

1.2 Terms-the Company-refer to CustomPaperHub.com, the entity that offers academic writing services to Customers.

1.3 Terms-the Customer-The Customer is a person or persons who hands in Orders to the Company for deliberation and adheres to the Terms and Conditions in this Agreement.

1.4 Messaging System is the software that facilitates the exchange of information between the Customer and the Writer, or with a member of the Support Team.

1.5 Order refers to the request for a Product by the Consumer to the Company which includes specific expectations and a predefined set of sources to be used in writing.

1.6 Product is the outcome of the processed Order which is written and delivered to the Customer as a digital document as per their requirements.

1.7 Product Revision is a request sent by the Customer to the Company for making amends to the Product in line with the requirements filled in the Order Form.

1.8 Support Staff is the Company’s structural unit tasked with coordinating and facilitating the Order process.

1.9 The Writer is a Company’s employee who works as a freelancer and engages in the provision of research and writing services to the Customer as outlined in the Company Agreement.

1.10 The term – Personal Credit Balance – refers to the Customer’s account they keep with the Company that handles Customer’s credits by depositing it to their balance at their own will for compensation of Order(s) at their own discretion.

1.11 The term – Affiliate Program – refers to a special program tailored for existing Customers of the Company.

2. Order Placing and Registration

2.1 The Customer may place an Order by filling out the Order form on the Website or by seeking assistance from Support Staff in filling the form.

2.2 The Order Form clarifies the range of work to be done, the details of the Order and the delivery terms. The Customer is obligated to provide accurate, clear and concise information on the Order form or to the Support Staff Agent assisting in filling of the Order form.

2.3 The Customer is required to submit their name, phone number, email address and country of residence for purposes of profile registration.

2.4 The Customer is required to maintain one profile when placing all Orders to the Company. The Customer is required to communicate and transact with the Company using one profile. The use of different credentials by the Customer when placing an Order is not allowed. In the event that the Customer has used several accounts, the Company reserves the right to merge them to update the Customer’s purchase history.

3. Payment for your order

3.1 The Company’s pricing is used to determine the amount to be paid for a Product. Processing of the Order commences once payment has been made and authorized by the Company.

3.2 Payments in the form of installments are allowed as long as this set of conditions is complied with:

-The price of the Order should be $500 or higher.

-The payment cannot be divided into more than four portions.

-The first phase of payment should be effected immediately the Customer receives the first payment link.

-Writer delivery schedule is strictly tied to the payment schedule, which means the Customer will receive the part of the product, which was covered by the payment. In order to receive the full paper, complete payment for the Order should be provided by the Client.

3.3 Payment of the Order can be done using Credit Card, PayPal, Personal Credit Balance, and Wire Transfer – which may take up to 3 to 14 business days.

3.4 PayPal is the Company’s primary payment platform which requires the Customer to go through PayPal check-out to facilitate payment of the Order. To pay for the Order using a Credit Card, the Customer is required to fill in the PayPal form. The account created in this process is temporary, which mainly seeks to facilitate a one-time transaction.

3.5 Technical or procedural hitches that may occur while PayPal processes the payments are not the Company’s responsibility. These may include but are not limited to:

-The payment is subject to the PayPal Review, which means the amount is not released until PayPal’s investigation is complete.

-In case the payment is made via Electronic Check(E-Check) – an electronic form of a paper check used to make payments online, ten days may be required for delivery.

-Technical hitches on the part of the PayPal platform or Customer’s Bank.

In the event of transactional failure, the Customer is advised to cross-check the balance on the card, online purchase limitations and validity of the card before contacting the Support Staff for help.

4. Order Process

6.1 Order validation. The Company is entitled to re-checks of details of the Order after the payment to confirm whether instructions provided while filling out the Order Form correspond to those provided manually by the Customer through any communication channel. Members of the Support Staff will contact the Customer to clarify and iron out details in the event of a mismatch.

6.2 Order Volume. Order volume is measured in words only as per the Company’s standards. 1 page Double-spaced equals to 275 words and 1 Single-spaced page is 550 words.

6.3 Change of Order details. Instructions on changes to the range of work by the Customer may be provided by contacting the Support Staff. Modifications that revolve around urgency or complexity of the Order may call for additional payment, which will be done after consultation with the Customer.

6.4 Resources. The Customer is entirely responsible for the provision of resources to be used in the execution of the Order. In case a Writer requires a source, it is the Customer’s obligation to provide it. Customers should upload all sources before the Writer is assigned in order to guarantee timely delivery. A delay in the provision of a source may result in a delay in the completion of the work.

6.5 Communication. Communication between the Writer and the Customer is facilitated by the Messaging System which is available on the Customer’s personal profile on the Website, located on the top right of the Specific Order Page. The Messaging System resembles E-mail Communication in all aspects, only that it is more secure for use by Customers. Contact between the Customer and the Support staff can be done 24/7 via Online Chat, E-mail or phone.

6.6 Progress tracking. Progress can be monitored by the Customer on their personal account’s Order Page. The Communication channels provided can also be used to inquire about the progress of the Order.

6.7 Order delivery. Delivery of the Product within the given deadline is entirely the Company’s responsibility. Support Staff will contact the Customer in the event that more time is needed due to the complexities of the task. The Customer can access the Product by downloading it from the Customer’s personal account on the Website.  The timely download of the Product is entirely the Customer’s responsibility. Technical issues arising from the Customer’s end which may have prevented the timely download of the Product are not the Company’s responsibility.

4. Order Revision

7.1 Free adjustments to the Customer’s Order are valid within a 14-day window after the Order delivery. In the event the Revision is required at a future date, the difficulty of the Revision will influence the extent of additional charges to be applied.

7.2 In the personal account, the Customer can submit a Revision Request by use of ‘Feedback’ and ‘Any Improvements Required’ tools.

7.3 A free Revision can be provided in the event that initial instructions and the Revision instructions match. The Company reserves the right to ask for more payment in order to execute the Revision if the Revision instructions violate initial Order instructions.

7.4 The deadline for Revision cannot be earlier than the original deadline in the Order form.

5. Changes

It is highly advised and recommended that Customers review these pages and accept that the Company can, at any time, modify its Terms and Conditions determined by the Agreement.

6. Provisions
10.1 All Terms and Conditions that define the rights and obligations of both parties involved in the Contract – the Customer and the Company, are outlined in this Agreement. This document solely, its statements, promises or inducements, are to be viewed as valid or binding to both parties. After accepting the Terms and Conditions, this Agreement replaces all previous verbal or written communications and/or Agreements between the parties.

10.2 The Customer accepts that if a particular set of Terms and Conditions conflicts any State Law, it will not affect the rest of the document. The Customer’s rights and obligations will continue to prevail due to the lack of an invalid part in the Agreement.